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   Pero kung ayaw niyong papigil... bahala kayo. Meron naman tayong tinatawag na KARMA!


Ngayon ko na-realize... tumatanda na pala ako. Hindi na ako batang walang ibang inaalala kung hindi ang sarili ko. At malungkot ako dahil unti-unti na akong tumatanda.

[ as of 05.20.05, 3:39p ]

@ Asar ako dahil... Sira ang PC ko!!! ARGH! I knew that ancient artifact was about to give up one of these days!!! Tigang ako sa internet! DOUBLE ARGH!

@ Currently addicted to... ABS-CBN's Stained Glass. See latest post (May 05: Job hunting) for details. Ang guwapo kasi ni Dong Gun Oppa talaga!!!

@ Kras kong ilegal si... John Vladimir Manalo ng Goin' Bulilit. Need I explain kung bakit "ilegal" ang pagka-kras ko dito???

@ Latest hobby... Researching about Seoul, Korea and learning how to speak in Korean for a fan fiction I'm writing entitled "Cloudy Eyed Girl."

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Just heard this song and saw its music video, thanks to Mikester Mitzi (Michi). I'm really tripping over Lee Dong Gun Oppa! Perfect rendition! I LOVE it!

Image hosted by

And I love you so
Lee Dong Gun
(originally done by Perry Como)

And I love you so
The people ask me how
How I've lived 'til now
I tell them I don't know

I guess they understand
How lonely life has been
But life began again
The day you took my hand

And yes I know, 
how lonely life can be
The shadows follow me 
And the night won't set me free
But I don't let 
the evening get me down
Now that you're around me

And yes I know, 
how lonely life can be
The shadows follow me 
And the night won't set me free
But I don't let 
the evening get me down
Now that you're around me


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Will & Grace Seasons 1-7 | Queer Eye for the Straight Guy | My Boyfriend is Type B (Korea)

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[ as of 05.05.05 ]

.songs in my head.
>> and i love you so - lee dong gun (oppa!)
>> love moves in mysterious ways - nina
>> now and forever - richard marx

>> Stained Glass (Korea) Lee Dong Gun | Kim Ha Neul
>> coffee (pa rin! may pinagbago ba? adik 'to!)
>> KR movies/dramas!

>> Lee Dong Gun Oppa!
>> Kwon Sang Woo Oppa!
>> John Vladimir Manalo of Goin' Bulilit (at talaga naman!!!)

.most abused words.
>> sarang hae yo!
>> oppa
>> charos!!!

>> money! money! money!
>> a nice big hug everyday
>> jowa (hahaha! as if!)

>> get a new job
>> layout Michael's poster
>> learn to speak Korean

"Alam kong hindi niya kasalanang magmahal ng iba, pero sana hindi ka niya sinasaktan." - text ni Beb (02.01.05)

* Monday, July 12 *

[ just a soft rant... nothing personal ]

how do you say goodbye to someone who doesn't even know you're there?

*sigh* i wish i knew.

coz right now im thinking so hard... thinking what i should do with these feelings ive been keeping for quite a while now. with feelings, i do not mean love... because im not yet that sure what these feelings really are.

im in constant denial that i am in love with Jade, and yet when he is not around me, i miss him. so much so that i carve an image of him in front of me when i close my eyes... so that when i open my eyes again... i somehow see him for a split second and im okay.

so... what is this really? its really tiring to assess what im feeling for Jade especially when im running out of time and must have something to tell him before he completely walks out of my so-called universe. i don't want to say i love him if i don't really mean it... and i don't want to say nothing because i want him to remember at least something about me... if he forgets all the nice little things we've shared over the past three months (which, by the way, meant a LOT to me).

again... the question. how do you say goodbye to someone who doesn't even know you're there?

do you even say goodbye? or should i just keep quiet and let myself drown in the what-ifs, forget that he even touched my life for a moment, and move on like this miracle never happened?

my goodness, i sound so dramatic, don't i?

by miracle, i mean... he changed the way i looked at this world i am now a part of. i have not been completely jaded (oops... the word!), but he colored my life with a splash of pastel colors, and refreshed me with his smile and his quiet ways of saying thank you and i appreciate your being here.

maybe you're getting confused... why do i say he doesn't even know i'm there... when he does? (i like confusing myself lately, that's why this rant was made)

well... he knows im around. but he doesn't know how i feel when he's around. he doesn't know how special he is for me. how precious my moments are with him. how a simple touch from him sends me soaring to high heavens and pushes me to broadcast to the whole world that yes... he actually touched me! for three whole seconds!!!

shit... i know. this might be obsession. this is bad. i should probably stop.

but i can't! *sigh*

poor Jade. he's probably asleep right now having a whole lot of nightmares just because ive been thinking so much about him. poor Jade. ive been wanting so much to love him that i might scare him away. poor Jade. poor me.

i should stop believing in fairy tales. they must only come true for beautiful people, for princesses and for gods. i am only a commoner after all... so who am i to as for a happy ending?

goodbye, Jade. i don't want to let you go... but have to...

i just wish i could carve a perfect memory of you in my mind before you leave... and even though i am not sure if its truly love im feeling for you, i am willing to keep you and my memories of you in my heart always.

brewed and stirred by the addict @1:01 AM